Building a My16M Fuel Injection ECU.


When you're not satisfied with the performance of the Weber Marelli 16M ECU, you have a number of opportunities:

  • Adjust TPS, low range mixture pot-meter, bypass valves, and balance till you drop.

  • Buy a different EPROM

  • Install an extra black box (Power Commander or equivalent) to alter the injection signal, and maybe the ignition timing.

  • Ditch the Weber Marelli, and install a third party ECU.



I tried the adjustment fix, but I was never quite satisfied with the result, it still had the occasional misfire at 3500-4000 RPM, and the idle was never as stable as on my old Le Mans with 40mm Dell Orto's.


Another EPROM is a quick and cheap thing to try, but you simply don't know what you get. You have to be very naive to think that just because the little black bug is named (High Speed Tuning Chip) it'll solve all your problems. And even if it does work to your satisfaction, its no good any more if you install the loud carbon cans, or throw in another cam, or….. The EPROM way didn't seem to be the solution to me.


The Power Commander was actually considered as its a well known product, doing a lot of good for a lot of bikes. The only negative side is that installing a Power Commander, gives you an extra black box that's hard to diagnose if your bike is acting up, and absolutely impossible to repair on your own. This is an important issue to me as I was having several considerations about buying a F.I. bike – I do not fancy black boxes, I like to be able to fix my bike my self. (Yep, I'm a stubborn, old fashioned fundamentalist)


As for third party ECU's (Only Weber Marelli 16M), I already knew about two suppliers (Moto Spezial, and HT Moto. Both German). Unfortunately both were very expensive and absolutely out of financial range. Period.


Hang on, I'm getting to the point now!! On one of the Moto Guzzi forums, I learned a