I’ve wanted one of these since they first arrived on the market during 1995/96. It took 8 years before it was within realistic economical reach, and even though I was extremely pleased with my Le Mans I decided to change.

I found my new bike in Germany with less than 20.000 kms on it, and two previous owners (both above 40 years of age). All original except for a Stucchi cross-over.

It looked very nice, a little dusty as it had been stored in the show room for 6 months, but obviously a virgin: Engine had never been taken apart, and no one had tampered with it. This means that you don’t have to correct other peoples errors, that means apart from the errors made by the factory!!!

For even though its a 20 years newer construction, it still have the Italian heritage: The owner still have to finish a number of details to make the bike what it should have been from the factory. Details about this in the box below.

What’s it like, then ?

Absolutely amazing is not a very detailed answer, so I’ll try to be more specific in the following:

  • Riding position – more sporty (stretched) than on the Le Mans. A lot of weight on your hands in city traffic, but nicely balanced from 100 kmh and upwards.

  • Fairing – covering you nicely, wind pressure on your helmet, but no turbulence.

  • Steering – quicker than the Le Mans, but just as stable. An easy ride, and as soon as its rolling you dont feel the weight.