I had two issues with my Tomtom Rider2: The connection between the GPS unit and the cradle was failing because the plastic on both parts had wear from the vibrations in the Moto Guzzi where I used the Tomtom for a few years. Also, the RAM ball installation point in the left handlebar pipe (se earlier post) could no longer be tightend and the weight from the GPS and the cradle would rotate the RAM ball.

So I decided to go for the newer Garmin Zumo 660.

I spend a lot of time on the installation, finding a good location for the RAM ball and modifying the cable harness.

Obviously, I wanted to make the installation look as "integrated" as possible, not having the GPS unit sitting way out in some weird angle, but still with the dashboard fullly visible. And even though Garmin made the cradle and wire harness for permanent installation, I wanted the possibility to remove the cradle, so I had to cut up the harness to install a couple of waterproof connectors.

I think the location you can see in the pictures is really good 🙂
Installation on the cradle takes less than two minutes, and I can see dashboard and GPS display – even with the large tankbag installed.