I was never really happy with the standard Showa fork.
Basically, it’s strong enough for the bike (42mm inner tubes), but it’s obviously build to a budget and the damping is really poor. When you brake hard to turn into a corner it will wallow slightly, and you have no real feeling of what the front is doing.
I thought of finding a better fork, but then I would need to fix brakes, ABS, triple clamps with ignition key, steering lock etc. – so that was a poor solution.
The decision was made to purchase a set of custom made AK-20 cartridge dampers from Traxxion Dynamics in USA (well known in superbike racing).
The cartridges and springs are set up for my weight and riding style and I can now adjust spring preload, compression and rebound damping 🙂
And the kit is installed in the original fork, replacing the poor stock internals.