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 Passion and Curiosity !


What’s it all about ?

Did the ”Passion and Curiosity” quote make you stop for a second and wonder what this site is about ?

Motorcyclelife.eu is documenting my motorcycle trips across most of Europe as well as modifications and improvements on my bikes.

It’s my hope that the content on the site will inspire other people to visit new places on their motorcycle – it’s such a great way to travel.

Motorcycles are all about passion, and the urge to travel and explore new places is caused by curiosity – So the quote describes the contents of the site in just two words.

You have now been warned about what is ahead – enjoy the site 🙂

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A mix of recent motorcycle trips around Europe and modifications on my bikes.

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April 2018

Lunch …

This is what a salad looks like here – and it’s absolutely delicious !

Here comes the best part …

The building is locked and you are not allowed to enter because it’s not safe.

There was two guards at the building and after asking nicely a few times they agreed to guide me inside.

Entry was through a vertical ventilation shaft, balancing on floor boards 3 meter above the ground and then climbing down through an empty switchboard. Then we had to find our way through the labyrinth basement using flashlights before we got to the huge conference room.

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