Passion and Curiosity !


What’s it all about ?

Did the ”Passion and Curiosity” quote make you stop for a second and wonder what this site is about ?

Motorcyclelife.eu is documenting my motorcycle trips across most of Europe as well as modifications and improvements on my bikes.

It’s my hope that the content on the site will inspire other people to visit new places on their motorcycle – it’s such a great way to travel.

Motorcycles are all about passion, and the urge to travel and explore new places is caused by curiosity – So the quote describes the contents of the site in just two words.

You have now been warned about what is ahead – enjoy the site 🙂

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A mix of recent motorcycle trips around Europe and modifications on my bikes.

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January 2021

Quick-connector for the fuel hose …

The original plastic connector does not last forever.

It will sooner or later break or tear the sealing o-ring.

The upgraded connector is made from nickle plated brass and is a high quality unit made in Germany.

Coolant exchange …

Front wheel must be lifted to bleed air out of the engine when fresh coolant is poured in.

This setup is not quite how KTM describes it in the workshop manual, but I did not have a 50 cm ramp and someone to hold the bike, so I had to be creative 🙂

Rear shock out for overhaul …

It is not leaking or acting weird, but after 70.000 kms it deserves a flush and fresh oil and seals.

I dont have the tools to service the shock, so I’m taking it to the local suspension experts.

Installing the Garmin GPS mount on the 1290 …

I have been using Tomtom GPS devices for +10 years, but the new Garmin zumo XT is just lightyears ahead of the old Tomtom platform – so it is time for a change.

Installing the mounting plate and the Zumolock locking backplace is easy enough, but it is necessary to remove the headlight to hook up the power supply.

December 2020

Power Wrap …

Making sure I will not melt pants or boots after trimming the heat shield.

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