The Schubert C4 Pro is a great helmet, but the integrated Sena SC1 intercom sucks big time.

It will barely allow you to communicate with other Sena SC1 intercoms, and both sound and range is poor. And it will definitely not connect properly to other Sena intercom systems.

We tested four SC1 units on a day trip, and while we could talk one to one over short distances, neither range or sound quality was great. Group intercom was largely unsuccesful.

Another test ride with a SC1 and a Sena 10C, was just as horrible. Intercom was possible at stand still, but everything ended up in static noise over 50 kmh 🙁

To make everything absolutely hopeless, the SC1 intercom is operated by two small rubber buttons that is impossible to find with your gloves on, and the simple task of starting and ending an intercom chat requires several pushes of the rubber buttons.

The cheapest universal Sena intercom (the SMH-5) is just so much better than this piece of shit and is intuitive and easy to operate with gloves on !!!!!

There is no way I can accept this lack of quality and function, so despite the SC1 is nicely integrated in the Schubert helmet, it is being replaced with a proper and fully developed intercom – the Sena 10C Evo.