Passion and Curiosity !


What’s it all about ?

Did the ”Passion and Curiosity” quote make you stop for a second and wonder what this site is about ?

Motorcyclelife.eu is documenting my motorcycle trips across most of Europe as well as modifications and improvements on my bikes.

It’s my hope that the content on the site will inspire other people to visit new places on their motorcycle – it’s such a great way to travel.

Motorcycles are all about passion, and the urge to travel and explore new places is caused by curiosity – So the quote describes the contents of the site in just two words.

You have now been warned about what is ahead – enjoy the site 🙂

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A mix of recent motorcycle trips around Europe and modifications on my bikes.

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September 2018

Short stop …

At Vänersborg town square.

(All stops on this trip is short stops)

Documenting the trip …

Receipts and odometer picture from each refilling.

(The gas tank only holds 10,5 liter, so this is a frequent event)

Iron butt tour take off …

You may notice that I’m on a very small bike !

The obvious choice would be to take the mighty KTM 1290 Super Adventure, but that would be all too easy – almost like cheating 🙂

So to make the challenge (a lot) bigger, I’m taking my wifes old bike for this tour. It’s a KTM 200 Duke, single cylinder, 26 HP.

Iron Butt route …

A 1000 mile trip around the big Swedish lakes in max. 24 hours.

An Iron butt tour have been on my bucket list for a while, and now the weather forecast looks like fair (dry) weather.

The Crew …

That took care of 75 bikers from Denmark for a week – You will not find a more friendly and efficient team anywhere.

Thanks !!!

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