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What’s it all about ?

Did the ”Passion and Curiosity” quote make you stop for a second and wonder what this site is about ?

Motorcyclelife.eu is documenting my motorcycle trips across most of Europe as well as modifications and improvements on my bikes.

It’s my hope that the content on the site will inspire other people to visit new places on their motorcycle – it’s such a great way to travel.

Motorcycles are all about passion, and the urge to travel and explore new places is caused by curiosity – So the quote describes the contents of the site in just two words.

You have now been warned about what is ahead – enjoy the site 🙂

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A mix of recent motorcycle trips around Europe and modifications on my bikes.

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August 2019

Island hopping (part 2)

At the toll booth for the Great Belt Bridge, ready to climb the 80 meter high bridge in head wind conditions.

Quite a challenge on a 9 hp bike !

Island hopping …

The old Storstrømsbroen from 1937 was once the worlds longest bridge.

Take off …

From Gedser Odde (the southernmost point of Denmark.

Weatherforecast is predicting a mix of dry and wet weather but fortunately not strong wind.

The fleet …

Claus is riding the Yamaha YBR125, and I’m on the Honda ANF125 Innova.

(The flag is just for the picture – it will not be joining us on the trip)

It is actually quite funny that we both paid more for our helmets than we did for our second hand 125cc bikes 🙂

The luggage is now on the bikes and we are ready to start tomorrow morning 🙂

125cc mini Iron Butt tour …

This quest actually started last winter where Claus and I joked about doing a mini Iron Butt tour on 125cc bikes – just for the fun of it.

The Danish mini Iron Butt concept is to ride from Denmark’s southernmost point to the northern tip, in 10 hours, on a bike not exceeding 125cc.

It started as a joke, but four weeks later Claus bought a Yamaha YBR 125 for the project, and then it was no longer possible to back out 🙂

I found an old Honda ANF 125 Innova a few months later and changed oil, spark plug, and drive chain, adjusted the valves and fixed a broken wire inside the wiring harness.

Tyres was almost new, so the only additional preparation was to bolt on my old Tomtom GPS and hook it up to the battery. Luggage will be limited to a roll strapped to the back seat.

To do the trip in 10 hours, we had to plan the route as short as possible, staying on the main roads where we can – to minimize our time on the highways where we will struggle to follow the traffic.

Here is the planned route and we are starting our quest next tursday 🙂

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