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May 2013

Skagen rally …

By |2013-05-11T06:49:29+01:00May 11th, 2013|Country roads across Denmark Tour|

On the way home friday morning we met quite a few bikes and bikers that was participating in the famous Skagen Rally.

It’s a 400 km rally across Denmark, only for motorcycles that are at least 79 years old – some of them are above 100 years old. The owners are considerably younger 🙂


HMS St. George …

By |2013-05-11T06:38:13+01:00May 11th, 2013|Country roads across Denmark Tour|

.. Was one of the war ships that attacked Copenhagen in 1801, when the evil brits stole our proud navy fleet.

St. George was wrecked on this coast on december 24, 1811, and only 7 of the 738 crew members was saved.

St George lost it’s rudder in another storm in the south eastern part of Denmark where we started out this morning. It was found a few years ago when divers was preparring a new offshore wind farm, and it was decided to make it a part of the St. George museum.



Easy concept …

By |2013-05-09T05:47:09+01:00May 9th, 2013|Country roads across Denmark Tour|

.. A handfull of good friends going from south east to north west Denmark in one day, avoiding the highways.

450 km country roads ahead 🙂

Bringing tents and sleeping bags and permission to camp in another friends garden. Going back again tomorrow.

Plain and simple fun 🙂


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