Here's pictures and description of my first Moto Guzzi, a Le Mans 2 from 1981.


I had it for almost 6 years, and it has provided me with most of my knowledge about big-block Guzzi's.


It was my rolling lab, and almost always "under construction" as I was constantly testing new ideas. I was very happy with it, and the only reason for selling it was my long term wish to own a Sport 1100i.


The bike now has a new owner in Norway, who's hopefully going to be as pleased with it as I was myself.











  • 90mm Gillardoni cylinders, giving 992cc.

  • Crank balanced for the bigger pistons.

  • P3 camshaft.

  • 40mm PHM Dell Orto carbs equipped with K&N filters.

  • Agostini sump venting box.

  • Porting of cylinder heads to make the bigger carbs flow better

  • Cylinder heads dual plugged..

  • Moto Spezial throttle pull, basically a shaft rolling in ball bearings and two short throttle cables. Makes the bike easy on the throttle and the synchronization will actually last more than a couple of weeks!!!

  • Lasercut crashbars for the cylinder heads, made to be placed between the cylinder heads and the valve covers. This requires an extra valve cover gasket, but the advantage is that the crash bar is supported by all 8 bolts, making it very strong. They are my own design/production, and there's only two set of these worldwide, the other set is to be found somewhere in Australia….

  • Automatic "Agostini" cam chain tensioner.

  • Sump lowered with a ring that also contains adapter for an external oil filter. Made by "Finkentey og Klaumann" – believe it or not.

  • Transkontinental clutch (the best), is only 3,3 kilo compared to 8,3 kilo for the original clutch.

  • BSM Vampire exhaust – made for "Battle of the twins" race, but have a nice (loud) sound for the street.


  • Front fork equipped with air supported FAC dampers.

  • Rear swinger reinforced with lower sub-frame and put to work with a couple of KONI dampers.

  • The special Guzzi brake linking removed and system altered to "normal" setup (Front brake in right your hand and rear brake at your right foot) This required new master cylinders in appropriate sizes.

  • Rear brake caliber mounted "floating" under the disc.

  • Tarozzi clip-on handle bars.

  • Moto Italia rear sets.

  • LM1 fairing – the top classic among Guzzi fairings.

  • Handmade Italian aluminum tank.

  • Italian GAMAN 2 person seat.

  • Stainless steel covers for the frame triangle.


  • Moto-Witt digital ignition with adjustable ignition curves and pick-up located in front of the crank.

  • Dyna coils.

  • Valeo starter – lighter and stronger than the original Bosch.

  • Modern CEV switch boxes..

  • Schnabel reticifier/regulator.

  • Lasercut dashboard (own design of course)

  • Professional wiring made from scratch, complete with relays and nice quality multi connectors. (see wiring chart here)

  • Anti theft feature.

  • 12V lighter plug for cell phone, lamp, pump, etc.